Chile; Zaldivar: Copper mine  and milling site South Australia; Olympic Dam - Copper and Uranium mine and milling site: Tailings Pond 6th ICEG - New Dehli; Keynote lecture Safe closure of uranium mill tailings ponds Western Australia; Kalgoorlie gold fields: Tailings pond Western Australia; Mineral sands: Stock pile Chile; Zaldivar: Copper mine  Open pit Western Australia; Kalgoorlie gold fields: Super pit (KCGM) 6th ICEG - New Dehli; Plenary session:  Session chairs and Invited speakers Germany: Former open pit row „Spreetal-Bluno-Skado-Koschen“; Dump stabilisisation with deep soil compaction by vibration Chile: Exploration drillings in Atacama-desert Germany: Profile of Cone penetration test with radiometric device (combination-CPT) Germany: Wismut GmbH Remediated waste rock dump area of „Schlema/Alberoda“ USA: Dam stabilisation by installation of liners We about us